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Save Energy with Ceiling Fans

In times of rising energy costs, we, as a market leader in the retail sector, consider the

use of pioneering energy-saving techniques as highly important. The new “Eco“ models,

which consume only between 23 and 31 watts have the same air handling capacity and effective range as a conventional ceiling fan using 70 watts while having only a third

of their consumption!

And this is only the Energy saving on our Fans itself - the big saving comes with the reduction of Cost of Air Conditioning. In the relatively mild Winter month's here in the Middle East a Ceiling Fan can completely substitute the Airconditioning in your Home and in the hot Summer month's more use of Air Conditioning equals higher utility bills.

If you have central air, you probably already know that the air conditioner is one of the most energy-hungry appliances in your home which accounts for about 50-65 % of all home energy consumption.

So, what about using ceiling fans? Do they really help cool the home and lower air conditioning costs, or do new ultra-efficient HVAC systems make such fans unnecessary?

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of ceilings fan.

Fact or Fiction: Ceiling Fans Are Low Cost

Fact. Compared to air conditioners, ceiling fans are downright cheap. The average cost of running a ceiling fan is about one fils per hour—a fraction of the cost to run an air conditioner.

So, it’s true, but…should you compare these two types of cooling? The answer is, no. That’s because ceiling fans don’t actually cool a room. Instead, they create a wind-chill effect that can make it seem cooler. They can also lower humidity levels, which makes the room more comfortable without actually lowering the temperature. Unfortunately, if the room is hot in the first place, a ceiling fan will do little to change the temperature.

Fact or Fiction: Ceiling Fans Make A Good AC Supplement

Fact. Ceiling fans can help save energy costs and increase comfort if they’re used in conjunction with an efficient air conditioner. With both your ceiling fans and AC operating, you can increase the thermostat by four degrees without losing any comfort. In turn, the air conditioner will come on less often, so your energy bills could be lower overall.

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