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Quality of our Ceiling Fans

In recent years in the Middle East ceiling fans have steadily gained in importance because of the quality of cooling and Airflow in Indoor- and Outdoor Areas with the add on of "Design Effect".

They have become a means of providing a comfortable living and working environment. They improve the indoor climate, prevent “stale air” by creating a fresh breeze and, most importantly in these times of high energy costs, they save on cooling costs.

When choosing the product pay careful attention to its quality. Start with the fan’s balance and evenness of speed, then its style and workmanship - all of which are a guarantee of your satisfaction. Deciding to go for a cheap device often turns out to be more expensive than for a fan in which the price reflects its quality and craftsmanship. For example, all our ceiling fans have thermal overload protection, unlike most downmarket models. This turns the motor off if it overheats due to outside effects and thereby prevents it from burning out. After it has

cooled down, the motor restarts. If we include a fan in our range, you can be sure that it meets the highest quality standards. Unlike those of the many manufacturers of downmarket products, all our units are designed for long-term use.

Quality and Safety – Identical Appearance = Identical Quality?

Many ceiling fans may look very similar to models we offer. Even so, identical appearance

does not mean identical performance. Of crucial importance in the quality of a fan

are aspects that, at a first glance, invisible.

The heart of a fan is his motor. The materials used in the core and the windings affect performance and thus the motor’s energy consumption. The windings must be tight

and as even as possible. Important factors in achieving smooth running are balanced

stators and accessories such as the blades and the blade mountings. High quality

switches and capacitors ensure long life and trouble-free operation. And if something

goes wrong during delivery or installation there is a balancing kit. These are all parts

of a fan that are invisible. Separating “the wheat from the chaff” is therefore only

possible during daily operation. Nothing is more unpleasant than a ceiling fan that is

unbalanced, makes a lot of noise or which stops working entirely when in continuous

operation. In our devices our manufacturing Partners and Brands only use high-quality, tested components. The motors are designed for continuous operation and have sufficient extra capacity. Only after many years, when a blade gets bent when moving house or the motor housing gets dented, it becomes apparent whether the manufacturer has a systematic

replacement parts service. And whoever has tried to purchase a 3-speed pull-cord switch

on its own, appreciates that we keep every spare part in stock - from the switch to the

motor - even for devices that we delivered

Your safety is our priority. Even when we are developing new models, we feed in our 30years of experience of ceiling fan products. Many small details that enhance the quality, durability and safety of the product are standard for us. That is why all of ourFans carry the GS-tested safety mark (Geprüfte Sicherheit).

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